Indian man creates ‘car copter’ by converting family car into helicopter only to have it seized

  • An Indian man converted his family car into a helicopter
  • He calls it the ‘car copter’
  • The police seized the vehicle and fined him for violating motor laws

Published on Mar 22, 2024 at 7:29 PM (UTC+4)
by Siddharth Dudeja

Last updated on Mar 25, 2024 at 1:21 PM (UTC+4)
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In today’s episode of crazy car modifications – an Indian man from Uttar Pradesh, India, created a ‘car copter’ by converting his family car into a helicopter.

The man’s lifelong dream was to have a car that looked like a helicopter.

Ishwar Deen, the creator of the insanely modified vehicle, called it a ‘car copter’ to fit the look appropriately.

Not long after, the UP Police seized the vehicle and fined him $24 (2,000 INR) for violating India’s Motor Vehicles Act.

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You can’t really go full-throttle when it comes to car modifications in India, as there are strict rules regarding customizing cars.

However, that doesn’t stop people like Deen from persevering with their own personal projects.

Recently, another Indian man put scissor-style doors on his old Skoda Rapid so that it feels like a Lamborghini.

Likewise, Deen spent two months converting his old family car, the Maruti Suzuki WagonR, into a helicopter.

It cost him almost $3,000 (250,000 INR) to create the iconic car copter, according to news agency ANI.

Sounds pretty wild, right?

He welded a helicopter’s rotor blade to the car’s roof and attached a large metal tail boom to the WagonR’s rear.

It definitely looked like a helicopter after.

After completing the car copter’s construction, Deen went on his way to a workshop to paint the vehicle.

That’s when the traffic police stepped in and seized the vehicle.


Moreover, he told the news agency that he only intended to use the car copter for events and would not hit the roads otherwise.

But why did he do it?

While he simply always wanted to own a car that looked like a helicopter, there were other reasons as well.

Deen transformed the car to let people rent it for wedding parties so he could earn some extra money for his family.

The police told him that he could get the car back if he dismantled the modified parts of the car copter.

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