Inside the amazing interior of the BMW i7

It's like a theater on wheels.
  • The i7 is one of the most luxurious sedans available in the market at the moment
  • The interior is designed for passengers, more than for the driver
  • Among other things, it offers a massive 31-inch screen

Published on Jan 24, 2024 at 5:18PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on Jan 24, 2024 at 5:18PM (UTC+4)

Edited by Amelia Jean Hershman-Jones

BMW, Audi and Mercedes have been battling since the dawn of the time.

They’re rivals when it comes to design, powertrains and, of course, market share, but they also challenge each other when it comes to the interior.

One of the newest BMWs available, the BMW i7, comes in with an interior that makes you feel like you’re traveling first class.

This car is designed for passengers and it shows.

At the back, you’ve got leg room for days, seats that recline almost flat and a massive 31-inch theater screen which is controlled by a remote.

There’s a reason why BMW calls this the ‘Master Chair’ in the back of the car.

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