IShowSpeed drives F4 car at Nurburgring and ends up stalling it

  • IShowSpeed recently had an exciting adventure at Nurburgring
  • The car halted while going uphill
  • Darren screamed for help and the nearby crew members ran to his help

Published on Jun 28, 2024 at 1:50 PM (UTC+4)
by Daksh Chaudhary

Last updated on Jun 29, 2024 at 4:06 PM (UTC+4)
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YouTube streamer Darren, popular by the name IShowSpeed, recently had an exciting adventure at the famous Nurburgring racing track in Germany.

In the video, Darren seems excited as always for this new adventure.

As he drove his laps around the renowned Nurburgring tarmac, his thrilling experience captured the attention of many, but it wasn’t without its challenges.

After all, race driving is tough – that’s why everyone isn’t doing it.

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IShowSpeed drives F4 car at Nurburgring

The video was uploaded on the Instagram account by the name @wealth.

Most of the laps went smoothly until the car halted while going uphill.

But, this sort of thing is what IShowSpeed is loved for – creating unexpected situations that make his fans burst out laughing.

It’s his unique content that makes him so much popular and rich enough to buy a mansion at the age of 18.

The owner of the car might not have been laughing though – these things are highly-strung and finely-tuned machines, not toys.

Loud as always, Darren screamed for help and the nearby crew members ran to his help.

Luckily – for Speed and the car – it wasn’t a big deal and the crew instructed him on how to restart the car.

Once back on a steady course, he continued completing his remaining laps.

This is nothing new for this guy.

Darren is well-known for his unique and engaging content.

Recently, he was in the spotlight for acquiring a new Lamborghini dedicated to Ronaldo, which created quite a buzz among his followers.

Hilarious comments on the video

As hilarious as his experience at the Nurburgring, the comments on the video were equally amusing.

One user wrote: “Bro is talking to the car like ‘I’m Speed.”

Another commented: “Bro is ticking his bucket list.”

Well, we can’t honestly deny either of those.

At such a young age, he’s truly living the life of his dreams.

Still, who talks to the car like that while driving?

Another user humorously noted: “He breaks everything he touches.”

We can’t deny that either.

From his wild reactions to breaking stuff in the videos, IShowSpeed is totally unpredictable.

Never let them know your next move, right?

No doubt he’s loved by his fans and other YouTubers, even getting a Tesla Cybertruck as a gift from Logan Paul.

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