The new Jacob and Co Billionaire is more expensive than most hypercars

With over 240 diamonds and 250 carats on the dial, case, and bracelet; and a 7-figure price tag, the Jacob and Co Billionaire Double Tourbillon isn't for everyone.

by | Published on 8th Mar 2023

Meet the Jacob and Co Billionaire Double Tourbillon.

Jacob and Co has done the most Jacob thing ever and slammed a couple of tourbillons inside its most popular diamond-set watch, The Billionaire.

That’s the same as Bugatti adding a turbocharger and a supercharger to its W16 and adding some Fast and Furious-style NOS.

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The Billionaire, as you can imagine, is implicitly named after the average customer that buys it.

Several prominent celebrities and watch collectors own one, including Floyd Mayweather and Cristiano Ronaldo.

More importantly, The Billionaire is one of Jacob’s flagship timepieces and is also by far the most expensive.

It is adorned with 168 diamonds on the dial and 76 more on the case for a grand total of 144.6 carats.

Top it all off, Jacob gave it a 94.5-carat, diamond-encrusted bracelet.

Alternatively, an alligator strap is also available and comes included in the box.

The movement that powers it comprises two tourbillons.

And we know what you’re thinking: what exactly is a tourbillon?

The tourbillon was invented over 200 years ago by Breguet, a tourbillon is basically a rotating wheel that helps the watch movement absorb shock with constant oscillation.

In truth, modern watches don’t really need it anymore, but watchmakers keep using it for extra bonus points and prestige.

And prestige is Jacob’s bread and butter.

This watch is complex to make and difficult to get.

And the price reflects that as it costs $3 million.

Exactly the same as an Aston Martin Valkyrie.



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