The Jacob and Co Oil Pump Tourbillon is a $380k work of art

It has a weird name for a reason.

by | Published on 10th Aug 2022

The Jacob and Co Oil Pump Tourbillon is more than just a watch, it is a $380,000 work of art.

And it has a weird name for a reason.

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Like most Jacob and Co watches, the Oil Pump Tourbillon was designed with a specific theme in mind.

The dial features a miniature derrick pump, complete with a small oil barrel.

In addition to that, the sub-dial that indicates the power reserve of the watch is shaped like an oil temperature gauge.

Jacob engineers really knocked it out of the park with this one.

Despite being smaller than an espresso capsule, the movement that powers it consists of 510 individual components.

So how does the watch actually work?

As the little wheel of the tourbillon rotates, it activates the little derrick pump.

The rod of the pump is connected to the watch hands so when it is in motion, the second hand starts moving.

And that’s how you tell time.

Amazing, isn’t it?

It is a large watch, coming in with a 49.5 mm case available in rose gold, white gold or DLC-coated titanium.

You won’t go unnoticed wearing this piece.

Then again that’s exactly the point.

Jacob watches are extravagant, and eccentric collectors love them.

These timepieces are often custom made and always rare.

For example, Jacob and Co only made 88 pieces for this model, including all three different versions.

And the price?

The Oil Pump retails for $380,000.

But because of its rarity, it trades at a premium in the pre-owned market.

You can find brand-new models selling for nearly half a million dollars online.



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