Final F-Type celebrates 75 years of Jaguar sports cars

Published on Oct 11, 2022 at 5:05 PM (UTC+4)
by Alessandro Renesis

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Final F-Type celebrates 75 years of Jaguar sports cars

This is the 2023 F-Type and it was designed to celebrate 75 years of Jaguar sports cars.

Sadly, it is also the last F-Type that will ever be made as the English automaker is expected to discontinue the model after this final edition.

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Aptly dubbed ‘R 75’, buyers can opt for the sleek coupe or the open-top convertible.


There’s more good news because they’re both powered by a V8, available with or without superchargers.

The entry-level model delivers 444 hp and if that’s not enough, you can always go for the range-topping 567-hp variant.

The new F-Type doesn’t look drastically different when compared to the previous model.

It has new badges, new alloy wheels and a revised front grille.

Meanwhile, the interior has been upgraded with an improved infotainment system and a slightly different center console.

At the end of the day, this is a swan song for the F-Type.

More to the point, it is a swan song for Jaguar sports cars powered by an internal combustion engine.

The era that began in 1948 with the Jaguar XK120 will come to an end in 2023.

And with it, the era of ICE will end and the electric Jag era will begin.

Jaguar hasn’t talked about a replacement yet but the next-gen sports car will be electric.

The company will also continue to use gas engines in the near future for its hybrid models but they’ll be smaller.

The Jaguar F-Type P450 RWD 75 – that’s the rear-wheel-drive model – costs £83,920 in the UK.

That’s around USD $93,000.

Meanwhile the 567-hp all-wheel-drive version will set you back £102,870 – or $114k.

It’s not cheap, but then again that’s the price for some fun in an old-school, gas-powered sports car.

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