Footage of 10,000ft skydiving trampoline leaves viewers astonished

  • Jay Alvarrez is famous for filming his daredevil antics
  • His latest video shows him and a group of friends jumping on a trampoline in the sky
  • There is no netting, and the video ends with them all leading off the trampoline

Published on Jan 19, 2024 at 7:38 PM (UTC+4)
by Andie Reeves

Last updated on Jan 22, 2024 at 7:49 PM (UTC+4)
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Footage of 10,000ft skydiving trampoline leaves viewers astonished

The latest stunt by Jay Alvarrez has left the internet astounded.

In a now-viral video, the YouTuber and his friends can be seen enjoying the day on a trampoline.

Except the trampoline is suspended by a hot air balloon above the clouds.

The footage alone is enough to make your stomach sink.

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Alvarrez has made a name for himself as a major daredevil.

He recently had a halfpipe flown into the sky so he could skateboard on it.

He’s also been known to tightrope above waterfalls and active volcanos, as well as go surfing while being pulled by a helicopter.

Now he’s grabbed the attention of the internet for creating the ultimate trampoline park in the sky.

Alvarrez teamed up with the crypto company, EvoSim Universe to make this dream stunt a reality.

He first gathered a group of adventurous friends who didn’t think this sounded like a terrifying idea.

They then set up a round trampoline mat directly underneath a hot air balloon and headed upwards.

In the video we see the crew jumping, playing with a ball and doing tricks.

You know, typical things you do when you’re so high up in the air that you can’t see the ground.

This is tough enough to watch but then suddenly one of the crew somersaults directly off the edge.

Luckily, everyone in the video happens to be a trained skydiver.

After leaping off the trampoline, each person deploys a parachute and lands safely back on the ground.

But that knowledge doesn’t make the video any less stressful to view.

“My anxiety level watching this was over 100000%,” one commenter said.

“Imagine getting triple-bounced,” another said.

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