Jeff Bezos spent $75m on a shadow boat for his superyacht

Meet Abeona, despite its sheer size, she is just the 'shadow boat' for Koru, another massive yacht owned by Jeff Bezos.

by | Published on 6th Jun 2023

Jeff Bezos owns Koru, a massive 417-foot sailing yacht that cost around $500 million to build.

It’s a tremendous yacht but because it’s so big, things get tricky as the vessel gets near small ports and quays.

And that’s exactly why Bezos splashed an additional $75 million on a shadow boat for his yacht.

As you do.

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Dubbed Abeona and built by Damen Yachting in the Netherlands, this is what’s known as a shadow boat, or support yacht.

In other words, this yacht is designed specifically to provide support for larger yachts.

It can house provisions and supplies, along with additional crew members.

In car terms, this is basically the same as buying a Porsche so you can drive to the garage where your Bugatti is parked.

Then again, with a net worth of $147 billion, Bezos can certainly afford it.

Even though it’s ‘only’ a support yacht, Abeona is still larger than most yachts, measuring 75 meters – or 246 feet.

More importantly, the yacht is still large enough to include a helipad and additional garages for all tenders, smaller boats and jet skis.

The massive boat can accommodate 45 people, including 20 crew.

About Koru

Known as Project 721 or Koru (Maori for ‘new beginnings’), she is the world’s second-largest sailing yacht behind Sailing Yacht A, designed by Philippe Starck and built in the Netherlands.

As well as its $500 million price tag, Koru costs around $40 million between maintenance and docking fees.

In addition, Abeona has a yearly running cost of $10 million.

Yep, this means the CEO of Amazon spends $50 million a year just to maintain his yachts.



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