Watch this driver destroy his Peugeot 208 as he attempts to launch a jet ski

This group of men floods their car while trying to launch a jetski. Meanwhile, onlookers can't stop laughing as they watch the disaster unfold.

by | Published on 23rd Feb 2023

Chaotic footage has emerged showing a group of men flooding their car while trying to launch their jet ski.

The video, which was posted to the Reddit channel Idiots in Cars, shows them reversing their Peugeot 208 further and further into the water as they struggle with the jet ski. 

Things quickly go from bad to worse, and the guy behind the camera nearly dies of laughter.

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There are three men involved in the ordeal; the driver, the man on the jet ski, and another man supervising the ‘project’. 

The driver is clearly struggling to maneuver his trailer backwards, making several attempts before straightening it up.


When they finally get the jet ski in enough water to start operating safely, they start to realize the trouble they’re in. 

At this point, the water is reaching the top of the wheel wells and lapping at the doors. 

The car is so deep that it actually lifts when a wave rolls in.

The driver then attempts to drive it back up to dry land, but unsurprisingly can’t get enough traction. 

So their supervising officer runs around to the back of the car and tries to push it. 

This doesn’t work either. 

It’s at this moment all the lights on the car shut off, suggesting the engine has stalled.

You can watch the jet ski launch fail unfold here!

The driver gets out and tries to push the car forward while steering it with his other hand.

An onlooker then runs in to help push the car out.

The last thing we see before the video cuts out is the little Peugeot 208 finally making it out of the water, and the jet ski slowly drifting further and further away.

We don’t know what condition the car’s in now, but we can only assume it wasn’t used to go back and collect the jet ski.

Why they opted not to use a boat ramp, we don’t know. 

But they probably learnt a very expensive lesson.



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