This 246-foot giant just won big at the World Superyacht Awards

You can actually charter it, but it doesn't come cheap.

by | Published on 24th May 2023

This is the Admiral Kenshō and it’s officially the hottest yacht of the year.

First unveiled in 2021 and finished just a few weeks ago, the Kenshō superyacht was named ‘Motor Yacht of the Year’ at the Boat International yacht event in Istanbul, Turkey.

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The yacht was designed by Azure Yacht and Archineers Berlin and it is a work of art.

Both firms wanted to make the yacht look and feel ‘at one with nature’.

Kenshō is actually a Japanese Zen term and it means ‘nature, essence’.

In order to maximize that feeling, Azure and Archineers used plenty of teak, marble, silk, wool, onyx and even bronze for the interior.

The superyacht has six decks in total, a rooftop-style bar on the aft deck, two jacuzzis, a swimming pool and a gym.

You name it, Kenshō has it.

Built with an aluminium superstructure and a steel hull, the 245-foot yacht can accommodate up to 12-16 people in eight cabins and 23 crew.

Power comes from a diesel-electric hybrid engine, giving the superyacht a top speed of 15.4 knots (28 km/h).

The yacht is certainly gorgeous, and of course it comes with a matching speedboat you can use to reach your favorite beach or the docks.

The bad news is it doesn’t come cheap.

You can charter it, and it is ‘only’ going to cost you… $916,000 per week.

Yep, you got that right.

That’s the same as buying 12 new Rolls-Royce cars a month.

Then again customers who can afford to fork out $1 million a week for a yacht like that probably don’t have to make that choice, do they?



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