Megayacht that costs $3.3million per week to charter is unlike any other vessel

  • Kismet is a megayacht designed like a seven-star hotel
  • Among other things, it has a home theater and a spa
  • You can charter it, but it’s extremely expensive

Published on Mar 19, 2024 at 5:36 PM (UTC+4)
by Alessandro Renesis

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This is Kismet the Third, one of three vessels to bear this name inspired by royalty.

It costs a colossal amount to money to charter but, when you look at the images, it’s easy to see why.

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Kismet roughly translates to ‘destiny’ or ‘fate’ in Turkish.

And the charterer certainly enjoyed good fate since to be able to afford this beauty.

The 400-foot (122 meters), six-deck megayacht cost a whopping $360 million to build, and seven figures to charter.

According to Cecil Wright & Partners, the firm the yacht charter firm, chartering Kismet for a week will set you back $3.3 million.

And the weekly rate doesn’t include expenses, by the way.

The yacht is designed for up to 15 guests across six suites and 36+ crew in comfort.

Kismet is clearly large enough to accommodate way more than 15 guests and 36 crew, but the owner decided to prioritize luxury and quality over quantity.

And even though it cost so much to build, you can see where the money went.

It looks like a seven-star hotel.

The top suites come with fireplaces and multiple bathrooms, a private staircase and a sky deck, not to mention a jacuzzi and a lounge.

There’s also a wellness area, with a sauna, cryotherapy, massage rooms, a couple of hair salons, a yoga and Pilates studio and a gym.

And the list goes on.

Among other things, it has a DJ station, a champagne bar and even a basketball court.

At 122 meters, Kismet is larger than Jeff Bezos’ yacht Abeona and it is also marginally bigger than Taylor Swift’s yacht.

Mind you, what makes the yacht truly stand out is her design.

Most luxury yachts look minimalistic and elegant, whereas this one almost looks like a Las Vegas hotel.

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