The optional extras on this Koenigsegg Regera cost more than most supercars

The optional extras on this incredible Koenigsegg Regera are worth more than most supercars: the blue paint alone is a 6-figure option.

by | Published on 27th Mar 2023

If you look up the definition of ‘money no object’ in the dictionary, you’ll probably find a picture of this Koenigsegg Regera.

The car has a base price of $2 million and this one in particular is fitted with over $1 million worth of options.

We’re just going to give the headline: it’ll resell for more than that.

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For the exterior, a lot of expensive boxes were checked.

The owner went through the option list and opted for a custom Candy Liquid Blue paint with exposed carbon fiber and gold leaf accents.

After that, they decided to treat themselves to a long list of packages with fancy names.

There’s the ‘Ghost Package’, which apparently makes the car more aerodynamically efficient, and the ‘Environmental Power Upgrade’.

This is the Koenigsegg Regera’s centerpiece because it gives the car more power when using E85 ethanol fuel.

With this option, the 5-liter V8 hybrid that powers the Regera is capable of generating over 1,750 horsepower.

The Regera does 0-400-0 km/h in just 31.49 seconds.

This is actually a world record, and one Koenigsegg is unsurprisingly very proud of because it shows the car is fast as heck but has good brakes, too.

The interior follows the same theme as the exterior with a combination of black leather upholstery for the seats, with blue stitching, and blue Alcantara.

The steering wheel is made from carbon fiber and left unpainted, just like the side steps, door panels and even the hood.

The Koenigsegg Regera is a rare gem.

The Swedish supercar company only made 80, each virtually unique since hypercar buyers tend to customize their cars.

This one in particular is loaded with options, bringing the original price tag up to around $3+ million.

It is currently available from Bring a Trailer with a bid of $2.6 million, and there are still a few days to go.

Stay tuned for the auction result.



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