Lamborghini Aventador successor spotted again – this time in Italy

These spy shots are giving us a brand new look at the Lamborghini Aventador successor. And it looks like it will adopt a dramatically different design to its predecessor.

by | Published on 20th Jan 2023

It’s been a while since we last got a glimpse of the Lamborghini Aventador successor.

The last time we saw it, it was wearing the usual camo wrap, driving in Germany.

Well, it’s been spotted again – this time in Italy near Lamborghini’s Sant’Agata facility.

And it’s giving us a much better look at it.

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It certainly looks like the Lamborghini Aventador successor is edging closer to becoming a reality.

From the spy images and videos shot by Varryx, it definitely looks like the new halo model from the Italian brand will adopt a design dramatically different from its predecessor.

That being said, it’s still easily identifiable as a Lamborghini.


Unfortunately, on its latest outing we don’t get the chance to see it from the front, but we’ve gotten a good look at the rear.

Your eyes can’t help but be drawn to the exhausts at the top of the fascia, in line with the hood lid.

It appears that there are four exhausts housed within two hexagonal tailpipes, with the supercar’s LED tail lights positioned either side of them.

If you know your Lambos, you’ll know the previous model had circular exhaust pipes, but we think the new hexagonal pipes look way cooler.

Another thing, because the tailpipes have been relocated from the corners of the bumper to the top of the fascia, the massive rear tires are now more visible. 

Then there’s the engine cover, which sits behind a small vertical rear window, with six cooling veins.

Then there’s a pair of flying buttresses either side of the rear.

Another cool feature is the third brake light, which follows the shape of the roof.

The Lamborghini Aventador successor also looks a bit more compact, almost like a Huracán.

Lamborghini Aventador successor launch

When will the Lamborghini Aventador successor be unveiled?

It doesn’t look like it’ll be long before the all-new Lamborghini makes its official debut.

If rumors are anything to go by, it will debut later this year, with deliveries beginning in 2024.



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