Viewers debating whether this incredible save is driving skill or pure luck

It looked like it was game over for the driver, as his Lamborghini Huracán veered right and started to spin out, but somehow he manages to save it.

by | Published on 22nd Jun 2023

Luck helps those who have skill.

But if you have skill, that doesn’t mean you’re lucky.

It appears the driver of this Lamborghini Huracán is either incredibly skilled or just super lucky – we’ll let you decide.

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A video, captured at ‘La Media Milla’ in the Dominican Republic, is doing the rounds on Instagram.

The drag race-style event is held annually on the Caribbean island.

From Mustangs to Corvettes, Ferraris to McLarens, drivers push their supercars hard to set the fastest half-mile time.

A certain Huracán driver pushed it a little too hard though.

In a video posted by Ubaldo Martinez, the driver can be seen accelerating from the start line.

The Huracán appears to be getting up to speed nicely when all of a sudden it veers to the right.

Before you know it, the supercar starts to spin out before leaving the track.

It looks like it’s game over for the driver, as the car spins across the grass and towards a line of trees running parallel to the track.

But then something miraculous happens.

The driver somehow manages to stop the Lambo from spinning and gets it to run straight again.

You can see he’s desperately trying to get the supercar away from the trees.

It starts to drift, then goes into another spin, before coming to a stop.

According to the caption accompanying the video, the incident was a result of “too much power”, with the Huracán supposedly pushing 2,500 horsepower.

It’s little wonder the driver lost control with that much power, but thankfully the safety crew arrived on time and he was able to return to the pit lane.



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