Lamborghini Huracán Performante filmed wiping out minibus

The owner of the supercar was left red-faced after appearing to lose control of their pride and joy twice before wiping out a minibus.

by | Published on 3rd Jan 2023

A Lamborghini Huracán Performante had a rather expensive crash in Hong Kong recently.

The owner of the supercar was left red-faced after appearing to lose control of their pride and joy twice before wiping out a minibus.

A video posted on Facebook shows exactly how the action unfolded.

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The footage was captured on the dash cam of a vehicle following the blue Huracán Performante Spyder.

The chase car changes lanes and comes up close behind the Lamborghini.

A few seconds later, the supercar’s screaming V10 can be heard as it accelerates away.


A joint in the road appears to unsettle the brutal bull causing it to fishtail along the road.

Its back end slides to the right, then to the left, as the driver desperately tries to correct the slide.

Despite the driver’s best efforts, it narrowly misses a minibus traveling in the adjacent lane, before slamming hard into the guard rail.

The chase car’s occupants clearly found this highly entertaining, as they can be heard cheering in the video.

The drama wasn’t over, though, as the Lamborghini owner taps on the brakes after making contact, before hitting the accelerator again.

Once more, the car begins to violently fishtail and, as the driver’s unable to correct the motion, it smashes into the side of the minibus, sending both vehicles into a hard spin to the left.

Pictures accompanying the video on the HK (Hong Kong) Cam page on Facebook show the extent of the damage.

While the Lamborghini Huracán Performante appears to have escaped with minimal damage, the same can’t be said for the minibus, which took the brunt of the crash.

We just hope there were no major injuries as a result of the crash.



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