These are all the crazy configurator options for the brand-new Lamborghini Revuelto

These are all the crazy new options for the Lamborghini Revuelto V12 hybrid supercar.

by | Published on 31st Mar 2023

The new Lamborghini Revuelto was revealed earlier this week and boy, it looks absolutely insane.

It may have been a long time coming but it was definitely worth the wait, as the brand’s first V12 hybrid appears a worthy successor to the Aventador.

With the configurator now live on the Italian supercar maker’s website, we couldn’t help but dive right in.

READ MORE! The V12 hybrid Lamborghini Revuelto is finally here and it’s insane

In true Lamborghini fashion, there’s countless options available to choose from.

Most cars have around seven color options to choose from.

Not the Lamborghini Revuelto, though, which has seven color palettes alone: Base, Sportiva, Contemporanea, Eclettica, Classica, Technica, and Ad Personam.

As you’ve probably worked out, ‘Eclettica’ is Italian for eclectic, so that’s where we started. 

We opted for the ‘Verde Citrea’ – a bright lime green paint job for the Revuelto.

There’s no shortage of bright colors to choose from if you’re wanting to draw attention, but if you’re seeking something more low-key, there’s plenty of more subtle color options.

You can choose from both shiny and matt finishes, too.

Next up it was time to choose rims, and we couldn’t resist the ‘Triguero Forged’ wheels in matt black, measuring 20 inches at the front and 21 inches at the back.

We opted to go for the ‘Arancio’ carbon ceramic brakes to sit behind those alloy wheels.

As well as orange, there are several other caliper colors to choose from, including yellow, black, red, gray, and two different shades of green.

Other exterior options include a titanium engine grid, style packages in high gloss black or body color, and a colored livery stripe for the diffuser.

On the inside, there are several trim options available, so we went for Sportiva with a Nero Ade main color contrasted with an Arancio Dryope secondary color and Arancio Leonis stitching.

We then added Arancio Leonis seat belts, a passenger display, and cup holders on the dash for the early morning coffee run.

How we specced our Lamborghini Revuelto may not be to everyone’s taste, but we thought it looked pretty cool nonetheless.

Once you’ve chosen the paint job and interior details, the configurator allows you to add various packages to enhance your Lamborghini.

These include Surround Assistance Pack, Parking Pack, smartphone interface with both Apple Car Play and Android Auto, as well as a tracking system.

You probably guessed it – the configurator doesn’t display prices for these options, but that’s because the clientele will select what they want, regardless of cost.

We also don’t know how much the Lamborghini Revuelto is going to cost, as the base price hasn’t been revealed yet, but suggestions are it’ll be over $550,000.

Add plenty of options like we have, and you can expect that price to sky rocket above $600,000.



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