Dad builds insanely cool Lamborghini Vision GT out of WOOD

This isn’t the first time the Vietnamese dad has built a car for his son, but it might be his coolest creation to date. The detail on this thing is crazy.

by | Published on 14th Mar 2023

Remember the Vietnamese dad who built Mercedes Vision AVTR and Audi Skysphere replicas from wood?

Well, he’s back, and this time he’s created an insanely cool Lamborghini Vision GT for his son.

And the crazy thing is – it only took him 96 days to build.

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In the video, Mr Dao shows the build process from start to finish.

He starts by building the chassis and frame of the car using metal tubing, which he then sprays black.

This is when the homemade Lamborghini Vision GT really starts to take shape.

Mr Dao then welds three struts to the frame for the canopy.

The Lamborghini Vision GT has a canopy like a jet fighter – it’s a one seater and opens to allow the driver to climb inside.

He then cut pieces of wood to create the car’s floor pan and front splitter.

Speaking of which, the real Lamborghini Vision GT has a super-low front lip.

In fact, the entire car is incredibly low to the ground.

Mr Dao then uses wood from discarded trees to create the hypercar’s body panels.

Once fitted in place, he uses a lathe to sculpt the shape of the body panels.

The interior is also made entirely out of wood including the seats and the yoke-style steering wheel.

Before his son can take it for a spin, Mr Dao applies the ‘Lamborghini’, ‘63’ and ‘GranTurismo’ badging to the Lamborghini Vision GT.

He then gives it one final sand down before applying a layer of varnish to the entire car.

Last but not least, he applies LED strip lighting to the exterior of the car, including the Y-shaped tail light.

Lamborghini Vision GT

We’re not quite sure what powers Mr Dao’s creation, but it’s likely battery-powered, unlike the naturally-aspirated V12 like in the real one.

Speaking of the real one, it’s fast.

It’s got a 6.5-liter engine paired with a single supercapacitor delivering 808 hp of output capable of 0 to 100 km/h (0-62 mph) in just 2.8 seconds.



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