World’s largest twin-engine private jet is like a futuristic palace in the sky

  • ‘CelestialSTAR’ is the world’s largest twin-engine private jet
  • It is designed for up to 40 passengers
  • It has six suites, a conference room and a lounge bar

Published on Jul 03, 2024 at 2:26 PM (UTC+4)
by Alessandro Renesis

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This is a BBJ 777-9 known as CelestialSTAR, the world’s largest twin-engine private jet.

For reference, this plane was originally designed to accommodate 420+ passengers, but it has now been turned into a private jet for a dozen people.

That gives you an idea of how just spacious it can be for the lucky passengers on board.

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BBJ stands for Boeing Business Jet, and technically any Boeing aircraft can become a BBJ one, as long as there’s a customer willing to spend nine figures on a private jet.

This one, unveiled in partnership with Lufthansa Technik, offers 343 square meters (3,700 square feet) of space.

And it is also fast plane, capable of reaching speeds of up to 826 mph, and capable of staying in the air for a very long time.

According to Lufthansa, it can fly for up to 22 hours.

BBJ 777-9 CelestialSTAR is a 5-star hotel in the air

The BBJ 777-9 CelestialSTAR is designed for ultra-wealthy clients.

Specifically, Lufthansa has identified wealthy royals in the Middle East as ideal customers for this jet.

This explains why this jet, like other similar jets, was unveiled at the Dubai Airshow.

This aircraft looks halfway between a mansion and a hotel.

It has a dedicated section for the bar lounge, a dining room and a conference room, and of course bedrooms.

It has six suites and 43 individual seats in total.

Breaking down the cost of the world’s largest twin-engine private jet

Predictably, all of this luxury comes at a hefty cost.

By comparison, even Drake’s private jet, which is valued at $185 million, seems inexpensive.

Lufthansa says that fitting a BBJ 777-9 with the CelestialSTAR ‘package’ costs between $130 and $160 million.

And that’s on top of the cost of the plane, which is north of $450 million.

All in all, the price tag for the world’s largest twin-engine private jet is close to $600 million.

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