Drake’s $185m private jet has a hidden message under the belly of the aircraft

The 767-200 was a former cargo plane, now it's Air Drake.
  • Drake’s private jet is actually a decommissioned cargo jet, and it was a gift
  • The late fashion designer Virgil Abloh oversaw the restoration process
  • The hidden message under the belly of the jet is the cherry on top of the cake

Published on Feb 13, 2024 at 6:50PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on Feb 14, 2024 at 6:20PM (UTC+4)

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With a net worth that’s fairly quickly approaching the half billion dollar mark, Drake can spend money on just about anything he wants, and in fact he does.

Even though his private jet cost him nothing, it was a gift, he spent a large chunk of money to have it customized.

And there’s one detail that stands out.

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Drake’s private jet was gifted to him by a Canadian cargo jet company as part of an endorsement deal.

The jet in question is a 767, which is absurdly large for one that’s privately owned.

The 767-200, with a whopping 206 ton cargo capacity and a 20,000 gallon fuel tank, served for 23 years as a cargo plane.

The plane was a gift from Canadian cargo carrier Cargojet back in 2019.

It’s not entirely clear when the relationship between Drake and the cargo carrier began.

However, a Cargojet spokesperson confirmed that the carrier service has had a lengthy relationship with the 36-year-old.

Apparently, Cargojet has transported supplies and equipment for his tours in the past.

However, before he could use it as a private jet, Drake had to have it repurposed and customized.

The aircraft may have been old, but Drake’s renovations were extensive and thorough.

The customization was carried out by the late designer, Virgil Abloh, who also worked with Mercedes in the past, who decided, along with Drake, to rename the plane ‘Air Drake’.

Inside the cabin there’s leather armchairs, luxury bathrooms, and a full kitchen.

From the outside, the plane almost looks like any other, although the clasped hands on the tailfin and the OVO Owl painted on the front door give away who it belongs to.

It still carries the massive Cargojet name that has been emblazoned across the side for more than two decades, but it has gotten a fresh coat of paint to spruce it up.

Air Drake is sure to make a great home away from home for the iconic rapper, as he takes on international tours.

Mind you, the cherry on top of the cake is the decal that adorns the belly of the plane.

It reads: “If you’re reading this we left”.


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