LeBron James just knocked down his $37 million mansion

Imagine being so rich you can afford to knock your house down just because you don't like it

by | Published on 27th Jun 2023

LeBron James is having a first-world problem with his $37 million Beverly Hills mansion.

The 38-year-old NBA star spent months trying to find out a way to refurbish his lavish home in the posh part of Los Angeles.

He eventually came to the conclusion it was a hopeless task, and so he simply decided to knock it down so he can rebuild it back – as you do.

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LeBron bought the 13,000-square-foot Spanish Mission-style manse in 2020 and immediately applied to get permits to rebuild it.

Not a good start.

And it’s not like he was left wanting for space or amenities.

The home has four bedrooms, eight bathrooms, seven fireplaces and vaulted ceilings, as well as a trophy room and a home theater.

Even so, LeBron felt the house really wasn’t doing it for him, and after finally getting the relevant permits, he knocked it down.

The property was first built in 1934 and a long list of Hollywood stars have been able to call it ‘home’ since.

Among others, Hollywood legends such as Charles Boyer and Kathryn Hepburn have lived here.

Obviously, people across social media had something to say about it.

“Being able to casually knock down a mansion just because you don’t like the look of it is a next level flex,” one Instagram user said.

“When I get tired, I’ll sometimes switch the drapes. LeBron gets tired, the whole house is gone,” another wrote.

Still, with a net worth in excess of $1 billion, he can certainly afford it.

LeBron has recently signed a $97m two-year contract extension with the LA Lakers but he’s evidently considering staying in California after the end of his playing career.

After all, LeBron James’ son Bronny will start school in California later this year, and the house will take years to rebuild.



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