Huge croc shuts down US Navy base – and 5 other times dangerous animals turned up in unexpected places

by | Apr 25, 2022 - 3:25PM | Lifestyle

An American crocodile on a US Navy airstrip.

The warm bitumen of a US Navy base’s runway probably seemed like the perfect spot for this cold-blooded American crocodile to take a nap.

Unfortunately for the croc, apparently that stretch is needed for Super Hornet jets.

This pic of the seven-foot, 100-pound female beast was posted on Facebook by NAS Key West, with the photo taken after efforts to move the sunbaker on proved futile.

Eventually, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation was called in to help move the stubborn girl on.

The photo shows the croc with a Super Hornet flying in the background and after we saw it, it got us thinking.

What other dangerous animals have been found in strange places?

1. The gator that broke the internet

Let’s stick with Florida for our next example.

Florida is known for its bizarre crime and also the local gators.

This alligator in particular lit up the internet when video was first posted from a local golf course.

The thing is enormous.

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2. Deadly bull sharks on golf course

Golf courses seem to be a theme here because our next photo gives new meaning to the term water hazard.

Carbrook Golf Course in Brisbane, Australia has a pack bull sharks (apparently a group of sharks is called a ‘shiver’ FYI). They live in a 14-metre deep lagoon on the course.

Bull sharks are the most aggressive shark species in the world and have killed more people than any breed other than great whites and tiger sharks.

So understandably, Carbrook Golf Course general manager Scott Wagstaff said not many people try and retrieve lost balls in that lake.

“As a kid I used to go with my mates and we used to go looking for balls out on the golf course but that doesn’t happen anymore,” he said.

3. Burn the car and flee! Giant spider hides under door handle

Let’s go to another Aussie favourite, spiders.

Spiders tend to hide in places you really don’t want them, like in your shoes or under the toilet seat.

But this photo of a spider hiding behind a door handle is as creepy as it gets.

This giant, hairy spider is likely a huntsman. They aren’t considered dangerous from a bite, but if one gallops across the inside of your car windscreen, good luck not crashing in a state of panic.

4. We get it bears, KFC smells incredible

Now on to a different kind of hairy… bears.

This unfortunate man in the US found three bears inside his home.

To make matters worse, they were eating his delicious KFC. He told local news the smell of KFC must have been too much for the bears to resist.

5. Massive lizard in a 7-Eleven

This video is one of our favourites. A six-foot water monitor scaling the shelves of a 7-Eleven store in Thailand.

Customers were understandably shocked to see the lizard scrambling over piles of products in its rampage.


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