The latest Yeezys are the strangest shoes around but we still want them

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Kanye West wearing Yeezy Foam Runner shoes on stage

Kanye West has dropped the latest colorway for his Yeezy Foam Runner shoes, and the ‘MX Carbon’ finish is… quite something to behold.

The Adidas-made Foam Runner is already one of the strangest looking shoes out there.

And now the new color scheme sees them splashed with bright yellow and pink over a black base.

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What’s cool about it – just like previous MX colorways – is that the pattern is unique to each pair.

The Foam Runner, as the name suggests, is made entirely from foam – made from a mix of lightweight EVA and harvested algae.

There are also breathable holes all over the shoes, giving them the appearance of a more boujee pair of Crocs.


Adidas and Kanye are certainly pushing the envelope with the new Yeezy collections.

Check out the all-new 450 ‘Dark Slate’.

They look like somebody threw a shoe made of fabric into a pot of melted rubber.

But, this hasn’t stopped them being a hit with celebrities and sneakerheads right across the world.

Kanye’s former wife Kim Kardashian was seen wearing them regularly before the pair divorced earlier this year.

This latest addition to the Yeezy Foam Runner line is expected to be priced at $90.

Despite the low retail price, limited supply means Yeezys sell for hundreds if not thousands of dollars on the second-hand market.

It’s believed the new Yeezys will go for sale on August 3 through Yeezy Supply and select Adidas retailers.



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