Lilium set to unveil full-scale version of its 6-passenger eVTOL jet

It'll be the first time a full-scale model of the Lilium Jet has been publicly seen
  • Lilium is set to reveal a full-scale model of its Lilium Jet
  • The eVOTL aircraft will be at EBACE in Geneva, Switzerland later this month
  • The German company aims to begin deliveries to commercial operators in 2026

Published on May 2, 2024 at 3:24PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on May 2, 2024 at 6:49PM (UTC+4)

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Lilium set to unveil full-scale version of its 6-passenger eVTOL jet

Lilium is set to reveal a full-scale mockup of its eVOTL at EBACE2024 – the European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition – later this month.

This will be the first public premiere of the full-scale Lilium Jet model when it is unveiled in Geneva, Switzerland.

The German company is targeting the business aviation sector as the early adopter for its all-electric Lilium Jet.

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If the truth be told, there’s no shortage of eVOTLs vying for their place in the sector.

In China, Xpeng is making waves with its six-wheel all-terrain Land Aircraft Carrier eVOTL car, which has begun its air certification.

Meanwhile, in the Philippines, Luft Pinoy’s working on a flying car that’s a strange blend between an electric minivan and the rear half of an airplane.

However, the Lilium’s aircraft is said to be the first all-electric eVOTL jet.

And, subject to achieving EASA-type certification in 2025, the firm aims to begin deliveries to commercial operators in 2026.

The eVOTL – which features 30 ducted-fan electric motors installed in its wing and canard – is expected to operate on routes of up to around 95 nautical miles (176 km) at speeds of up to 135 knots (250 km/h).

Prospective operators to have already signed sale agreements with Lilium are private providers Volare, EMCJet, Air-Dynamic, Globe Air, Bristow, and NetJets.

The company is offering a four-passenger ‘Pioneer Edition’ eVOTL for the business aviation market, with a customizable cabin to be specced by the owner.

However, the standard Lilium Jet will have six passenger seats.

As Lilium prepares to start flight testing later this year, it’s now assembling the first production-conforming eVOTL prototypes.

Last month, the company’s engineering team started integrating Garmin’s standby flight instruments that form part of the eVOTL’s avionics suite.

Honeywell, another key supplier, is providing fly-by-wire controls and electric motors.

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