This Lincoln Aviator is trying too hard to look like a Rolls-Royce Ghost

The Rolls-Royce Ghost replica may have a front fascia to mimic the real thing, but it's got one very unique feature that even the original doesn't have.

by | Published on 19th Sep 2023

If you want a Rolls-Royce Ghost but your budget doesn’t quite stretch that far, you’re in luck.

The next best thing is this Lincoln Aviator dressed as a Roller, currently for sale on Facebook Marketplace.

Talk about ballin’ on a budget…

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According to the ad, the 2005 Lincoln Aviator has been modified to fit the front grille and headlights from a 2019 Rolls-Royce.

To make it look somewhere close to the real thing, it’s been given Rolls-Royce badges on the grille, tailgate, wheelcaps, and steering wheel.

But, if the truth be told, it’s probably just had a Rolls-Royce kit car front fascia fitted – and one that’s badly fitted, too.

You can see from the pictures where the hood is clearly misaligned with the front fascia.

And, in another picture, you can see that the Rolls-Royce badge isn’t centered with the Spirit of Ecstasy.

That being said, it does have a unique feature neither the Aviator or any Rolls-Royce ever had – gullwing doors.

It’s got normal front doors, however, the rear doors are on gullwing hinges just like a Mercedes SLS AMG.

The inside of the wannabe Rolls-Royce is equally as “special”.

There’s black and yellow seat covers with red stitching hiding the Lincoln-grade cowhide.

Other than that and a black headliner, it’s pretty much still a standard Aviator inside.

It has, however, had a faux wood steering wheel cover fitted to hide the ripped leather underneath, which is presumably why it’s had seat covers have been fitted, too. 

With 354,055 kilometers (220,000 miles) on the clock, the Lincoln-Royce is hardly fresh out of the box.

Although, the seller claims that both its engine and transmission were rebuilt, and that its brakes and paint are new.

So, how much is this budget baller going to set you back?

$21,000 is how much, which is quite steep considering there’s no shortage of Aviators in similar or better condition, for under $5,000.

Maybe being dressed up as Rolls-Royce quadruples the Aviator’s value.



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