Man who lived underwater for 100 days had ‘life glitch’ transformation

  • Professor Joseph Dituri spent 100 days living in a pod located 30 feet underwater
  • He says he thing he missed the most was the sun
  • The high pressure underwater changed his body in a very unexpected way

Published on Jan 11, 2024 at 6:42 PM (UTC+4)
by Alessandro Renesis

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Man who lived underwater for 100 days had ‘life glitch’ transformation

Florida professor, Joseph Dituri, has set a new world record for the longest time spent living underwater.

Dituri spent 100 days living underwater, just off the coast of the Florida Keys.

And the experience had an unexpected effect on his body.

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The previous record had been set at 73 days, two hours and 34 minutes and Dituri was able to beat it by over two weeks.

On the surface, no pun intended, it might look like the hardest part is living with no sunlight.

In fact, Professor Joseph Dituri himself said the sun is the thing he missed the most was the sun.

The professor had a relatively large pod at his disposal.

He had a bathroom, food, water, a proper bed, books and so on.

However, the key component of the experiment is that the pod, which was located around 30 feet underwater, was not pressurized artificially.

In other words, the water pressure in the pod was exactly the same as the water pressure outside of the pod.

That’s what made the experiment tough.

Anybody who’s even tried reaching the bottom of a hotel pool will know that water pressure already becomes noticeable at six or seven feet.

So we can only imagine what it must be like at 30 feet.

Speaking of underwater discoveries and it’s worth noting scientists were able to hold a 20-minute ‘conversation’ with a humpback whale.

Furthermore, this piece of glass found off the coast of Naples, could change the way we see our Neolithic ancestors.

Back to Dituri and, amazingly, when they ran all routine tests once he got back on the surface, they found a ‘life glitch’ transformation.

With one of these tests, they discovered that Dituri’s had somehow ‘de-aged’.

The cells appeared younger than before.

Dituri, who goes by Dr Deep Sea on Instagram, has documented his journey across his social media platforms.

His experience, which granted was a lot less impactful, is somehow different when compared to that of the people who lived in space.

Living in space for an extended period of time changed their body, but it didn’t necessarily make it better.

Frank Rubio, for example, spent nearly one year in space and it took him a while to adjust to Earth’s gravity.

The effects of space on identical-twin astronauts has even been tested.

As for Dituri, he says the experiment had a positive effect on his body so far.

He says he feels better, sleeps better and overall he feels healthier.

So there you go, today’s top tip: hit the gym, eat healthily, sleep more… or spend 100 days underwater.

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