This yacht concept is so tech advanced it makes the sea around it GLOW

This concept is not just luxurious, it's also packed with incredible tech.

by | Published on 1st Oct 2022

This yacht concept designed by Lloyd Werft Bremerhaven presents what could be the most innovative solution for electrified yacht propulsion ever seen. 

Christened Albatross, its unique design is all about efficiency.

This double-hulled 410-footer glides over the water like a catamaran (or, indeed, like its namesake) to use 40 percent less energy than a traditional yacht of its size.

But it’s how it gets that energy that’s the clever part here.

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There are three big ‘wingsails’ on top of the yacht with a 10,000ft2 surface area.

As the wind blows them, they produce 1200kW of power alone – enough to get the yacht up to seven knots.

In addition to that, there’s also 12,000ft2 of solar panels on its upper deck to generate 120kWh of electricity.

Plus, there are also five wind turbines to add a further 50kWh when the wind is blowing. 

All this electricity is stored in a large on-board lithium-ion battery pack.


However, there are still four 1800kW gas engines fitted for extra propulsion power, although the wingsails mean it will use less fuel anyway.

It’s fascinating technology, but of course, there’s so much more to a luxury yacht like this.

There’s an abundance of luxurious trappings on board, such as the infinity pool on its mid-level rear deck, while there’s plenty of space to lounge around in the sun on the decks above and below it.

It also carries some smaller boats around with it for if you want to adventure on the water yourself, and has a helipad for aerial craft as well.

And, so that you can enjoy life on the sea all day-round, it projects lighting into the water to make the whole sea glow around you.

Inside, there’s room for up to 14 passengers and a massive 46-person crew.

It also features a gym, spa, multiple lounges and dining areas, and just about everything else you could imagine.

But you’ll be limited to imagining it for now, as Albatross is just a concept at this stage.

However, the German company says that crazy builds like this are possible with almost infinite customization on offer.



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