Watch this logging truck miraculously stay on all four wheels on the edge of a cliff

This logging truck is navigating a narrow and super dangerous road, and yet it never falls over the edge: how's that possible?

by | Published on 23rd Mar 2023

In this crazy video shared by Kundya Rajabu on Instagram, the logging truck looks like it’s about to tip over about a million times but, amazingly, it never does.

How is that possible?

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Well, the video is actually a very well created 3D animation.

To be fair, the truck looks vaguely realistic, it’s mostly the water over the edge that gives it away because it looks cartoonish.

As ever, the comment section is a source of endless entertainment.

Many people of course pointed out that the video was fake, with some even growing frustrated and offended by it.

“This is totally fake, even the background looks fake, get this thing off instagram,” one user said.

“Is that a joke? No way that’s real! Who’d be stupid enough!!!,” said another.

It’s unclear whether they mean stupid enough to believe the footage, or stupid enough to attempt this with a real truck.

Other users were a bit more gracious and played into the fun.

“If that was real, the truck would have gone over the side several times,” one said.

And then lastly, as you can imagine, others resorted to irony.

“Haters will say this is fake 🤨,” one user said.

Even though the video is fake, you can actually find similar roads in many countries across the globe.

The so-called ‘Death Road’ is perhaps the most famous.

Located in Bolivia, it connects the capital La Paz to the Yungas region and it has often been described as the most dangerous road in the world.

It is incredibly narrow, full of steep slopes and unpaved.



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