$300 Million lottery winner enrages neighbors with his own music festival 

The lotto winner is shrugging off complaints and now plans to host the 4-day festival every year.

by | Published on 1st Aug 2023

A man who won a staggering $300 million in the lottery is throwing a four-day rock festival in his backyard. 

Adrian Bayford won £148 million in a EuroMillions draw back in 2012. 

And to celebrate, Bayford and his wife hosted a huge festival in the garden of their new home in Cambridge, England.

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The Cambridge Rock Festival, or Rockinbeerfest, hosted bands that performed to more than 2,000 people. 

The couple tried to make it an annual thing too. 

But unsurprisingly, this didn’t sit too well with their new neighbors. 

The neighbors complained to authorities about the “intolerable” noise and “severe disturbance to peace”.

The rock festival was canceled when the authorities requested a permanent event license. 

But this wasn’t the end of the saga. 

The new multi-millionaires were so insistent on the rock festival that they jumped through all the hoops, ignored all the complaints, and got their permanent event license. 

So now, the Cambridge Rock Festival will once again be gracing the Horseheath Lodge Estate in Dean Road, east of Linton.

Not only will it be back in 2024, but the license the Bayfords got grants them approval to host the festival yearly. 

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They’re doing it for the love of Rock n Roll too, not to turn a profit because the tickets are on a ‘pay what you can afford’ basis. 

While their neighbors might not support what they’re doing, the internet sure does.

“Fair play to him,” one man said. 

“If I won lotto I would have Depeche Mode play for me and all my devoted friends,” another rock fan said. 

If you’re keen to go (and help this multi-millionaire sensationally annoy his neighbors), you can get your tickets here.



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