Redditors find YouTuber’s stolen rare car in 24 hours

It sucks when you work so hard for something to have it snatched away but thankfully for Ludwig Ahgren, his subscribers found his stolen Subaru Sambar.

by | Published on 25th May 2023

When you work hard, you’re entitled to treat yourself.

After all, a little treat as a reward to yourself after working hard on something gives you a sense of accomplishment.

That’s actually what YouTuber Ludwig “Ludwig” Ahgren did back in August 2022 when he imported a 1997 Subaru Sambar from Japan.

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It’s safe to say that Ludwig was on cloud nine after splashing $7,000 on what he described as his “dream car”.

Ludwig was once a big name on Twitch, having started streaming in May 2018 and quickly becoming a rising star on the platform.

But in November 2021, he switched to exclusively streaming on YouTube, where he now operates two channels with millions of subscribers each.

Little did Ludwig think he’d have to call on his subscribers to help him find his prized mini truck when it was stolen recently.

It was stolen from a warehouse in Los Angeles, where it was being stored to weather storms that were battering the city.

When the warehouse lost power rendering the security gate inoperable, someone took the opportunity to jack the car. 

At a total loss, Ludwig asked his followers to keep an eye out for his little truck, with multiple folks in his subreddit making copious posts seeking for information.

Of course there were jokes, memes, helpful fans, and videos of where the Sambar could be.

Ultimately, it was tracked down by a member of Ludwig’s The Yard Podcast, Super Smash Bros. Melle player Anthony “Slime” Bruno on the streets of LA.

The crazy part is, though, there was a random dude chilling in the driver’s seat when Slime opened the door.

Apparently, he had a key for a spare key for the vehicle – something Ludwig didn’t even know existed – but claimed to have not been responsible for the theft.

Instead, he claimed he was owed money by the larcenist, who attempted to use the Sambar to pay off their debt.

The dude even had the nerve to ask for $10,000 to hand over the car, only to make a run for it when Ludwig’s team called the cops.

The Subaru Sambar was later found parked at a Jin’s Massage in LA by Redditor sufferPNG.

As they say, all’s well that ends well.



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