This luxury treehouse comes with its own private sauna, and it’s cheaper than you think

Each treehouse comes with its own wood-burning stove and private sauna.

by | Published on 20th Jun 2023

This luxury treehouse-style property is right in the middle of the forest and the best part is that you can actually rent it by the night.

It’s less expensive than you might think too.

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Dubbed MoonPass Lookouts, the 55-acre paradise consists of five homes dotted just outside the small town of Wallace, Idaho.

The houses are about 30 feet above the ground, giving guests uninterrupted 360-degree views of the forest around them.

Each home is fitted with something called a ‘Smart Glass Roof’, which can absorb up to 99 percent of UV rays to protect you from the heat.

The cabin is super cosy and stylish, with a king size bed, a bookshelf and a sofa.

Among other things, you’ve got a fully-equipped kitchen, a wood-burning stove and a private sauna.

Kristie Wolfe, the AirBnb host that came up with the idea, says she came up with the idea because she wanted to create a “unique fusion of history and nature.”

The cabin can be booked through MoonPass’ Indiegogo crowdfunding page.

Pricing starts at $249 per night for a one-night stay, but this is an early bird price, and it will go up when the crowdfunding campaign ends.

The all-inclusive price for a five-night stay, for example, is $1,210, but it will go up to $2,000 after the campaign.



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