This trash pouch is made by Balenciaga and it will cost you $1,800

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Model carrying Balenciaga trash bag

Balenciaga is now selling a pouch bag that’s deliberately designed to look like trash, and it costs $1,800.

This may very well be the definition of ‘hype’.

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Fashion brands routinely unveil new products specifically designed to shock and awe but they are really pushing the envelope these days.

And Balenciaga is pioneering this new ‘style’ with one crazy release after the other.

Back in May, they launched a pair of Converse-style sneakers deliberatey designed to look dirty and torn that cost $1,850.

The ultra-expensive trash pouch is hitting the market just weeks after the (in)famous face shield Balenciaga made in partnership with Mercedes-AMG.


Both accessories were launched in Paris during Balenciaga’s latest fashion show but the face shield took the spotlight.

Maybe that’s the reason why the brand decided to wait a few weeks for this release.

The bag is available in four colorways: blue, yellow, white and black.

It was designed by Demna Gvasalia, who has been the creative director of Balenciaga since 2015.

Talking about its latest creation, Gvasalia said he wanted to make “the most expensive trash bag in the world” because people love a “fashion scandal”.

It sounds a bit brash and provocative but it may be true because fashion is continuously breaking the boundaries.

Balenciaga trash pouch color options

Unusual and daring designs seem to work these days too.

They sell like hot cakes.

For example, have you seen the latest Yeezys?

They’re so outrageous and yet the ‘want’ factor is so strong.

The $1,790 Balencia Trash Pouch is currently available online as well as in Balenciaga boutiques.

And yes, they actually call it the ‘Trash Pouch’.


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