Inside the secret Jacob & Co. vault where celebrities and billionaires shop 

by | Sep 6, 2022 - 2:43PM | Luxury

Supercar Blondie at Jacob & Co store

Jacob & Co. has created some of the world’s most jaw-dropping jewelry and watches, including The Godfather and Oil Pump Tourbillon.

Sitting in the window of its flagship store in New York is a Bugatti Chiron, which gives you a glimpse into the incredible timepieces you will find inside.

While the lower floor is laid with incredible jewelry and timeless swiss-made watches, it’s the secret room upstairs that holds the most desirable pieces.

And we got an exclusive look inside.

So, let’s dive in.

Bugatti Chiron watch – $1.3 million 

This limited edition Jacob & Co watch is the Bugatti Chiron of the luxury watch world.

In fact, Jacob partnered with Bugatti to make the watch in celebration of the beloved Chiron.

Jacob & Co Bugattie Blue sapphire watch
Jacob & Co

It has a fully-functional replica of the Chiron’s W16 engine – and you can actually see the pistons in motion.

It’s created with sapphire crystal and is made up of hundreds of handmade components.

Design features of the Chiron can be found in all corners of the watch, including the Bugatti grille and the famous C line.

You can see all the moving parts in this video.

The watch comes in a range of options, and can also be customized to match your actual Bugatti (if you have one, that is).

The sapphire crystal case is the most expensive at $1.3 million, followed by the white gold version at $380,000 and the titanium at $300,000.

Buyers can also totally customize their watch, with whatever precious stones they choose.

Astronomia Art Green Dragon – $1.3 million 

This watch is a design masterpiece.

It uses an 18k white gold and crystal sapphire case to display a hand-painted 18k rose gold dragon.

The dragon slithers within the iconic Astronomia four-arm movement and took six months to hand carve. 

It also has a little globe of the Earth and Moon inside, which both rotate within the case.

And the base dial is, of course, covered in baguette diamonds.

The detail is out-of-this-world.

The Billionaire – $2.8m – $18m 

This watch is called the Billionaire because, well, it’s what billionaires wear. 

It’s crafted with hundreds of Emerald-cut diamonds and each is cut to fit perfectly side-by-side.

Almost the entire watch, outside of the movement, is set with diamonds including the case, lugs, bezel, bracelet and even clasp.

Diamonds on the watch range in size up to three carats.

The price of this watch starts at $2.8 million and can go all the way up to $18 million depending on the diamonds used.

Jacob & Co Jewelry

Key Cuff pave diamond ring bracelet – $60,000 

First up, is an incredible piece of jewelry that actually functions as a cuff.

With a price tag of $60,000, it has a little key on the ring which you use to unlock the bracelet.

Pink and yellow diamond ring – $6.3 million 

This piece is designed with a seven-carat yellow diamond and a seven-carat pink diamond. 

Both are pear-shaped and have diamond halos.

Also in the exclusive Jacob & Co jewelry vault is a $13.2m diamond necklace, $8m yellow and white diamond earrings, $4.8m emerald and diamond ring, $4.4m yellow diamond cufflinks, and an $11m pink diamond ring.

And dwarfing Alex Hirschi’s own yellow diamond ring is a 75-carat vivid yellow diamond ring worth an eye-watering $22 million.


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