The largest house in Malibu hits the market for $58 million

This $58 million Malibu mansion looks like it belongs in a Tomb Raider movie.

by | Published on 23rd Dec 2022

This massive, six-bedroom Malibu mansion has just hit the market for $58 million.

Among other things, it has a private infinity pool that looks over the ocean, an aquarium, and even a koi pond.

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Perched on a hill, jutting out into the Pacific Ocean, the modern glass-and-concrete structure is inspired by Japanese culture.

The owner and seller actually calls it the ‘Kaizen House‘, a Japanese expression meaning “continuous improvement”.


At 16,600 square feet, this mansion is the largest single-structure home in Malibu.

Despite being larger than some hotels, it ‘only’ has six bedrooms and 10 bathrooms.

But this was done on purpose to maximize comfort and luxury in each bedroom.

The home is incredibly unique and this becomes clear when you approach the entrance, where you’ll be greeted by stone statues and fire features on water.

Once you’re in, you’ll find yourself on a stone path that looks like it belongs in a Tomb Raider movie.

The main kitchen looks like it came straight out of a Las Vegas casino and features a material you don’t often see in homes like this: onyx.

Moving on to the dining room, you’ll find a 14-guest table with a view to die for.

There’s also an eccentrically furnished living room which, just like the dining room, gives you a 180-degree view of the Pacific Ocean.

In addition to the giant 95-foot infinity pool, you’ve also got a 12-person hot tub and a 2,000-gallon aquarium.

Despite its size, this isn’t the most expensive home in Malibu.

Four residences on the Pacific Coast Highway have sold for $100+ million since 2020.

As for the Malibu mansion you see here, it is listed for exactly $58,808,000.



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