Man designs and builds his own 200mph supercar

  • Lucra is a boutique supercar designed to combine American muscle cars with British roadsters
  • Three engine options are available, and all three are V8s
  • The car only weighs 2,000 pounds

Published on Dec 28, 2023 at 8:03 PM (UTC+4)
by Alessandro Renesis

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Man designs and builds his own 200mph supercar

This is the Lucra – a 200mph supercar from the US.

But the headline here isn’t the supercar’s top speed – as impressive as it is – it’s the fact that this car was built by one man.

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Luke Richards loves old school, blue-collar muscle cars, but he also has a fondness for lightweight sportscars from the UK.

There’s no such car on the market, or at least that’s how Luke felt about it, so he went ahead and made one.

Visually, the Lucra looks like the secret love child between an American muscle car from the 1960s and a British roadster from the ’70s.

Built on a custom chassis with a carbon fiber body, the Lucra is available with three engine options.

There are two 6.3-liter V8s – one is sourced from Mercedes-AMG, and the other one is from GM.

Then there’s the Corvette-inspired 7.0-liter V8, putting out 650 horsepower.

Even though it has a ton of power at its disposal, the Lucra only weighs 2,000 pounds (907 kg), which means 0-60 mph (0-97 km/h) is dealt with in just 2.5 seconds.

And the price tag?

Since this is a boutique brand and each car is essentially custom built, there’s no price list available.

A few years ago, a pre-owned model surfaced on eBay for just $63,000.

But it’s worth noting that this was in 2016, back when the car market was still under control.

In today’s market, we wouldn’t surprised if this sold for six or even seven figures.

It happened before, after all.

Not long ago, a similar supercar a man built in his shed sold for six figures.

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