Tesla Plaid goes head to head against ZR1 Corvette in race and one car absolutely storms to victory

People aren't exactly happy about the result.

by | Published on 16th Aug 2023

A Tesla Plaid has gone head-to-head against a ZR1 Corvette, proving one is absolutely faster than the other. 

The video, which was just posted to Twitter, shows the two vehicles lining up alongside each other at the start line before taking off. 

After remaining side-by-side for the first few seconds of the race, one of the drivers puts his foot down and absolutely guns it ahead.

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The ZR1 Corvette pushes hard, but ultimately the Plaid shoots ahead, crossing the finish line well ahead of the V8. 

While the 755 horsepower Corvette is powerful, it doesn’t really come as a shock that it was outpaced here. 

Tesla markets its competitor, the Tesla Plaid, as having “the quickest acceleration of any vehicle in production”. 

Even so, people weren’t exactly screaming Tesla’s praises in response to the video (which you can watch below!)

“The Tesla has no soul and is utterly bereft of character. An acceleration party trick is dull and rarely used in the real world,” one said. 

“I’d rather have a car that’s slower with both of the aforementioned than a computer with wheels.” 

Another guy compared the two cars to “apples and oranges”. 

“I challenge the Tesla Plaid to a 500-mile race against that same ZR1,” he said.

Others saw a funnier side to the race. 

“Four-door family car destroys the mid-life crisis dream car,” one said. 

“100 plus years of the internal combustion engine verse infant electric drivetrain,” another said. 

One guy predicted it was probably going to be the end for ICE cars. 

Others poked fun at the price difference between the two cars. 

The Tesla Model S Plaid goes for around $110,000 depending on how you customize it, and the Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 starts at $120,000 but can be found online for up to $300,000. 



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