Man stayed at 5 star hotel for nearly two years without paying 

He checked in for one night, but that soon turned into more than 600 nights. Then he 'walked away without paying a cent'.

by | Published on 23rd Jun 2023

A man has managed to stay at a five-star hotel for almost two years without paying a cent. 

The guest has been accused of conspiring with a handful of staff at the hotel to slip through the cracks. 

He reportedly checked into the luxury Roseate Hotel in Delhi, India with the ostensible plan to stay for just one night.

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But his overnight stay turned into more than 600 nights before he eventually checked out. 

All in all, he reportedly paid zero dollars to the business for the entirety of his stay. 

The crazy scam only came to light when a hotel employee discovered the records at a much later date 

Now, the man is accused of owing more than USD $70,000, according to the Indian Express.

The police are now officially investigating the case, which allegedly also involves a number of hotel staff members. 

Hotel managers told the police they suspected the guest bribed several key staff members to fiddle with software systems and hide what was going on. 

Police are now investigating several workers at the hotel for alleged conspiracy, forgery, and cheating.

The internet has unsurprisingly had a lot to say about the crazy allegations. 

“I mean, after day 104 of watching him walk past the front desk on your shift and you don’t investigate, you might as well clear that 70k balance,” one guy said. 

Some were shocked it made financial sense considering he had to bribe employees for two years.

“If he had enough money to bribe workers, wouldn’t he have had enough to just pay the bill?” they said. 

“Two whole years’ worth of sneaking around and computer manipulation for every employee who caught on.” 

Others saw a funnier side to the ordeal. 

“Imagine the toiletries stash this guy’s got,” they said. 



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