Haven’t you always wanted to live in a mushroom-shaped house?

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This mushroom-shaped house in Charlevoix, Michigan is one of the weirdest homes ever built.

It’s not only weird, it’s expensive, costing $4.5 million.

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It was designed by Earl Young, a legendary American architect who helped build a variety of different properties in Michigan.

Born and raised in the area, Young had a very specific and ambitious goal: he wanted to prove a small home made from stone could be just as impressive and just as beautiful as a castle.

Officially known as the Thatch House, this three-floor residence was originally built in 1918.

But it looked a bit different back then.

The current owner spent two years transforming the house into a mushroom because he wanted to capture the essence of Young’s work while making the house look more modern.

The interior is a festival of stone and timber but don’t let that fool you because it has all the modern amenities you expect from a multi-million-dollar residence.

The house offers 4,000 square feet of living space, 6,000 in total if you include the guesthouse.

There are seven bedrooms and seven bathrooms and every single part of it was custom built.

Every door, every piece of furniture.

Even the fireplace was built by hand specifically for this house.

It somehow feels good to know that a house like this can exist in a world full of soulless futuristic houses made of glass and cold metal.

About Earl Young

Earl Young was born in a small village in Michigan in 1889 and spent his entire life in the area, building over 30 structures using almost exclusively stone, limestone and boulders.

The Thatch House was one of his first projects.

He died in a small town in Charlevoix county, Michigan in 1975 at the age of 86.


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