‘Mean and green’: Mansory overhauls the 2023 BMW X7 in new teaser images

Surprisingly elegant for Mansory.

by | Published on 2nd Jan 2023

Mansory has released its first teaser images for the new BMW X7.

The first thing that stands out is the striking mint green/turquoise color Mansory has chosen for the body.

And don’t worry if this isn’t your particular cup of tea because more conventional paint options will also be available.

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The body kit is meant for the all-new X7 but, for unclear reasons, Mansory actually used the pre-facelift BMW X7 for the images.

Regardless, it’s bold and exciting.

The body kit upgrades are especially evident at the front, with an aggressive front bumper and wider wheel arches.


The side profile is equally sporty, with prominent side skirts and side vents.

The rear section is relatively subtle, with smaller vents and an integrated lip spoiler that looks like it came straight from the BMW factory.

All things considered, the renders are surprisingly sober for a company that notoriously doesn’t do subtle.

The crazy Mercedes-AMG G-Wagen by Mansory you see in the picture down below is a prime example.

Mansory said it didn’t release any interior shots simply because it will fully customize them based on customer requests.

The widebody kit will be available for the M60i, the all-new range-topping variant of the X7.

It is powered by a 4.4-liter V8, putting out 523 hp and 553 lb-ft of torque.

Mind you, Mansory is being just as secretive when it comes to the car’s performance, and that means we don’t know whether the powertrain will be upgraded or not.

Still, the standard X7 M60i is no slouch so we won’t be complaining either way.

Mansory hasn’t said anything about pricing either.

However, we can confidently estimate that these mods won’t come cheap, considering the X7 M60i starts at around $197,000.



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