The new Mansory G-Wagen is a 900-hp chameleon

Is it blue, gold or black? We don't know and we don't really care either because the new Mansory G-Wagen is just so crazy we have to love it.

by | Published on 27th Feb 2023

The new Mansory G-Wagen is crazier than ever.

From the psychedelic paint to the rear-hinged suicide doors, we don’t even know where to start.

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Mansory began by dramatically altering the side profile with a brand-new layout.

First, they removed all four doors and moved the B-pillars further back.

After that, they fitted two custom made doors, which are larger than the original ones and open outwards.

The color-changing paint is nigh on impossible to describe.

It starts as black at the rear, and then as you move forward it becomes gold with petroleum blue accents.

The gold-tone dish wheels complete the package.

This being a Mansory, there are plenty of carbon fiber accents and components.

There’s a new rear spoiler and another one at the front.

They’re both made from carbon fiber, same as the wing mirrors, the front bumper and side air vents.

The interior is equally mad.

You’ve got white quilted leather (with contrast gold piping) for the seats, the door panels, the carpets and the center console.

All the buttons, the dial and the air vents are painted gold.

The name of the vehicle, technically known as ‘Gronos Coupe’, is proudly displayed on the center console.

Mansory says each car is ‘one of one’, because each car is basically hand-made.

This means you can pick any color and material you want.

The Mansory Gronos Coupe is based on the Mercedes-AMG G63 and it delivers nearly 900 hp.

Despite its massive weight (5,730 lbs / 2,599 kg), it does 0-60 mph in just 3.3 seconds.

Production is limited to 8 units only, priced upon request.

A brand-new G63 will set you back $180,000, we wouldn’t be surprised if the Mansory one cost twice as much.



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