Stunning $2m Mansory Lamborghini Urus is world’s first two-door Urus

Mansory has smashed it out of the park with this one.
  • Mansory transformed a four-door Lamborghini Urus into a two-door SUV
  • It took the German aftermarket specialist a year and a half to to the idea into a reality
  • Mansory will produce eight two-door-converted Urus’ costing a cool $2 million each

Published on Mar 4, 2024 at 7:57PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on Mar 18, 2024 at 1:51PM (UTC+4)

Edited by Amelia Jean Hershman-Jones

Mansory has a track record of taking the latest high-powered luxury vehicles and transforming them into special one-off creations.

The German modification firm does so by adding a body kit and tuning the engine to add more power.

But its latest masterpiece goes above and beyond that.

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After receiving multiple requests, Mansory caved in and decided to transform a Lamborghini Urus into a two-door SUV.

It goes without saying, turning the four-door Urus into a high-riding, two-door coupe is no mean feat.

It actually took the aftermarket specialist a year and a half to turn the idea into a reality.

But when your back catalogue of creations includes a Mansory G-Wagen that gives off Desert Storm vibes and a one-off Mansory Edition Cullinan – anything is possible.

Dubbed the Venatus Coupe Evo C, the two-door SUV underwent extensive modifications to complete the conversion.

To start with, the Urus’ B-pillar has to be moved back 200 mm (7.87 in).

That meant the front doors had to grow by the same length, while also retaining their standard safety equipment and receiving a Y-shaped crease on the outside.

Mansory then widened the SUV’s rear quarter panels, attaching massive intakes to the side and a new C-pillar intake.

Next up, the tuner added a bonkers body kit, which gives the SUV an aggressive-looking front end, a huge wing, a busy diffuser, and numerous other design touches.

Based on its Venatus Evo S model, the Venatus Coupe Evo C’s powertrain didn’t receive any additional changes.

The means the two-door SUV makes the same 900 bhp and 811 lb-ft of torque.

According to Mansory, the two-door Lamborghini Urus can reach 62 mph (100 km/h) in 2.9 seconds, going on to reach a top speed of 200 mph (323 km/h) – 10 more than stock.

It wouldn’t be a Mansory masterpiece without a wide range of customization options on the inside.

The SUV features a teal cabin with white stitching and black trim, as well as a folding mechanism for the front seats so passengers can access the rear ones.

You may think that converting a four-door Lamborghini Urus into a two-door coupe defeats the object of it being an SUV – but Mansory wouldn’t have undertaken the project if there wasn’t demand for one.

This isn’t a one-off, either – the aftermarket specialist plans to produce eight of them in total.

They don’t come cheap, though, with the stunning SUV costing a cool $2 million.

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