This $23m Massachusetts mansion has a water park and FOUR tennis courts

Published on Sep 05, 2022 at 2:59 PM (UTC+4)
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This $23m Massachusetts mansion has a water park and FOUR tennis courts

This $23 million Massachusetts mansion has it all: a bowling alley, its own water park, and no less than four tennis courts.

It also has a bowling alley, 10-seat home theater, and garages big enough to hold up to 80 supercars.

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The gated mansion is located in Leverett, Massachusetts and it offers 25,000 sq ft of living space.


It has a grand total of six bedrooms – each with its own bathroom – four dining rooms, a giant three-story living room and 11 fireplaces.

There are two kitchens: the ‘regular’ one with five islands and a commercial one with seven sinks.

It also has a home theater with 10 seats, two wine cellars, four tennis courts, an outdoor pool, a plethora of guesthouses and then of course there’s the water park.

The water park is fitted with cabanas, a poolside bar, and finished with Las Vegas-style decorations and palm trees.

Car nuts will be happy to know that there are also two car barns large enough to house up to 80 vehicles.

The mansion covers 60 acres in total but, believe it or not, it is only a fraction of the whole estate.

It all started in 1984, when Massachusetts-based candlemaker Michael Kittredge bought a former colonial home for $144,000.

Since then, the Kittredge family has acquired all the neighboring properties to form the 100-acre estate that includes the mansion you see here.

If you can afford it, you can apply to buy the entire estate.

However, it is currently listed with a ‘price upon request‘ so be ready to drop some serious cash.

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