Master of the Rubik’s Cube? You can now wear the cult classic on your wrist

You can now wear the iconic Rubik's Cube on your wrist with the latest G-Shock.

by | Published on 3rd Mar 2022

Casio launched the G-Shock GA 2100 back in 2019 and has been beating its drum for the model ever since.

There have been a plethora of iterations and spin-offs since, but the latest and arguably coolest is a tribute to the beloved Rubik’s Cube.

They call it the ‘Casioak’ and collectors have been lusting after the luxury sports watch almost like a frenzy in the past five years.

Just like every other ‘Casioak’, the Rubik’s x G-Shock features the iconic octagonal bezel and case made from carbon core guard – a type of carbon-reinforced plastic invented and patented by Casio.

It’s also fitted with the traditional ana-digi display, boasting a 3-year battery life, a stopwatch, alarm function, an auto calendar, dual time, world time functions and 200 mt water resistance.

With each watch, you get two interchangeable bezel (one black and one white) and a Rubik’s Cube-shaped box.

The first 100 orders even received an actual Rubik’s Cube.

The first batch sold out super quickly, priced at £139 in the UK and $150 in the U.S.

Just like the Rubik’s Cube, G-Shock is an ode to the 1980s.

Back in 1981, Casio engineer Kikuo Ibe accidentally dropped his father’s pocket watch and broke it.

That’s where the idea for a durable, shock-resistant wristwatch came from.

Two years and 200 prototypes later, in 1983, Casio launched the G-Shock brand.

In the past 39 years now, G-Shock launched hundreds of new models every year but most of them were either loosely based and inspired by the original square case of the 5600 model, or they featured a regular round bezel.

The Casioak hit the spot, probably because it somehow managed to combine G-Shock’s famous durability and toughness with understated elegance.

All G-Shocks in general are a tribute to the 1980s, almost by definition, but the Rubik’s x G-Shock takes this nostalgia to a whole new level because nothing says ’80s’ more than the Rubik’s Cube.

The Rubik’s Cube was invented in 1974 by Ernő Rubik – a Hungarian inventor and architect – and it defined the 1970s and the 1980s, becoming one of the best-selling toys – if you could even call it a ‘toy’ – in history, with over 450 million Cubes sold to date.

And now you can wear it on your wrist.



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