The $1.3 million McLaren P1 destroyed in Hurricane Ian has been sold

Published on Dec 07, 2022 at 11:26 AM (UTC+4)
by Kate Bain

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The $1.3 million McLaren P1 destroyed in Hurricane Ian has been sold

The flood-damaged $1.3 million McLaren P1 that was destroyed in Hurricane Ian has been sold. 

Yep, the McLaren we all saw floating down the streets of Florida has now been listed as sold by Copart. 

The insurance company that took possession of the car reportedly wanted $800,000 for it but accepted the $400,000 winning bid this week.

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YouTuber TK’s Garage said whoever bought it would need to spend at least $400,000 to fix it. 

But even with $400,000 worth of repair work thrown at it, he said “I don’t see anybody that would want to purchase that car in the future unless all other examples of the P1 were destroyed”.

“I wish whoever bought that car for $400,000 good luck in putting it together,” he said.


The bright yellow McLaren P1 became an internet sensation during Hurricane Ian in September this year. 

Its then-owner, Ernie, posted photos of the million-dollar hypercar waterlogged and surrounded by junk when his Florida garage was inundated with floodwater.

McLaren P1’s road to ruin

He then took his followers on a depressing visual journey as it was swept outside and down the street. 

Ultimately, the P1 came to land on top of a toilet in the middle of the street. 

The images went viral and the P1 quickly became the most famous destroyed supercar in the world. 

The tale was especially sad given the owner bought it just one week before the hurricane.

When auction house Copart first listed the hybrid hypercar, it captioned it with “yes, that P1”, so potential buyers weren’t under any illusions about the state of the car.

It also tells you how famous ’that P1’ had become.

Previous owner Ernie has now taken to Instagram to update his followers, saying “well I no longer own the McLaren P1. I hope the new owner gets it back to the original immaculate condition.” 

“Definitely will be a one of a kind,” he said. 

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