Remember the $1.3m McLaren P1 destroyed in Hurricane Ian? Now it’s up for sale

by | Last updated on Nov 14, 2022 at 12:26PM | Published on Nov 11, 2022 | Supercars

Remember the $1.3 million McLaren P1 that was swept away by floodwaters in Hurricane Ian? 

Well, now it’s up for sale. 

Yep, you read that right, the P1 that was found washed up on a toilet seat in Florida could now be yours.

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When auction house Copart listed the bright yellow 2015 P1 on its account, it captioned it “yes that P1”. 

The post garnered hundreds of comments from people who were under no illusions about the car’s history.


“I’ll pretend I didn’t see this car when somebody shows the repair bill for a saltwater-flooded McLaren P1,” one person said. 

“We saw what happened to it. We ain’t paying more than 10k!,” another said.

One person actually argued “getting it for free” would be “too expensive”.

Even its previous owner Ernie jumped on the bandwagon to take a dig at it, joking it “looks like new”.

An exotic car tuner offered to restore the car but only if Copart paid them $500,000.

So by the sounds of that, Copart might have a difficult time getting it off the block for a decent price. 

McLaren P1’s road to ruin

The response isn’t surprising given images of the P1 during Hurricane Ian went mega-viral. 

The then-owner Ernie – who goes by the name Lambo9286 on Instagram – posted shots of the $1.3 million car waterlogged and surrounded by junk when his Florida garage was first inundated with floodwaters.

He then took his followers on a visual journey as it was swept outside and down the street.

Ultimately, the P1 came to land on top of a toilet in the middle of the street.

The images went viral and the P1 quickly became the most famous destroyed supercar in the world. 

The tale was especially sad given the owner bought it just one week before it was destroyed. 

But don’t feel too sorry for our friend Ernie because he went on to buy a $2.25 million McLaren Speedtail just two days later.


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