McLaren P1 successor tipped to cost close to $2 million

More details have emerged on the McLaren P1 successor
  • More details have emerged on the McLaren P1 successor
  • The new hypercar will reportedly debut in the fourth quarter
  • Less than 400 examples are planned, with loyal customers being given the first chance to buy it

Published on May 1, 2024 at 7:26PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on May 2, 2024 at 6:50PM (UTC+4)

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Long-awaited McLaren P1 successor allegedly debuting in 2024

More details about the next-gen McLaren P1 successor have come to light.

The details have emerged following a dealer meeting held in early April and – if they’re to be believed – it’s interesting news, to say the least.

First and foremost, the new hypercar will reportedly debut in the fourth quarter, however, McLaren won’t start deliveries until the first half of 2026.

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Based on this timeframe, it means the McLaren P1 successor will launch after Ferrari’s next hypercar, which has been spotted out testing.

However, the next-gen P1 is likely to come before Porsche’s next hypercar, which is based on the electric Mission X concept.

Just like the current P1, whose production was capped at 375 units, fewer than 400 examples of the new hypercar are planned for production.

And, as to be expected, loyal customers will be given the first chance to buy it.

That’s if their pockets are deep enough to fork out $2 million, which is close to double what the P1 originally cost.

Apparently, during the meeting, a picture of the McLaren P1 successor was shown, and it reportedly looks like a mix of the P1 and the more hardcore Senna.

Rumor has it, McLaren’s traditional butterfly doors will be replaced by gullwing doors on the new hypercar.

That’s not all, though, as recessed headlights, like those found on the Artura and 750S supercars, will be included.

As for what will power the McLaren P1 successor, the powertrain will reportedly be a plug-in hybrid setup with a newly developed V8, which is likely the in-house design the British automaker announced last year.

There’s no word yet as to how many electric motors the hypercar will use, however, Automotive News reported the hybrid system will be as much as 70 percent lighter than the system in the P1.

You can bet your bottom dollar that the aerodynamic know-how from the G1 program will also be leveraged to deliver top performance in the McLaren P1 successor.

As ever though, we’ll have to wait and see.

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