These McLaren speakers cost more than a hatchback

Style, performance, design, and high-quality materials – in fact, the new McLaren speakers only have one major drawback: a hefty price tag.

by | Published on 23rd Jan 2023

McLaren is making a line of race-inspired speakers featuring its signature No. 5 speedmark and papaya orange accents.

The speaker range is made in partnership with Klipsch, an American audio company, and the price tag is mind-blowing.

The MCL-905 McLaren Limited Edition is a professional-grade cinema speaker system.

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Easily recognizable to any F1 fan, its support bracket is inspired by the tail wings and spoilers on aerodynamic McLaren race cars.

It also showcases McLaren’s papaya orange on both the high-frequency horn and custom vinyl wrap, which also bears Bruce McLaren’s signature and #5 seal.

Not only does the premium loudspeaker look the part, but it’s also sophisticated.


The two-way speaker uses horn technology mated to a three-inch titanium-diaphragm compression driver with dual 15” fiber-composite cone woofers.

Only 25 pairs will be made and each pair will be priced at $15,998.

Forte McLaren Edition 

The Legends Series speaker range includes the Forte McLaren Edition floorstanding speaker, priced at $10,998 per pair.

It’s the most popular Klipsch model, but these legendary loudspeakers are marked by the #5 and McLaren’s signature papaya color.

The livery also includes a vinyl wrap that’s been applied over black ash wood designed in tribute to McLaren’s history.

Even the papaya-colored paint used on the Forte’s horn is provided by the same company who outfits McLaren’s F1 cars now.

Beyond the paint, the Forte McLaren Edition floorstanding speaker is further inspired by F1 cars and pit garage, with a perforated, industrial-style metal grille and Torx screws keeping it in place.

Under the hood, the Forte used a K-702 horn-loaded midrange driver firing through a modified Tractrix horn, a one-inch titanium diaphragm high-frequency driver, and a 12-inch woofer.

McLaren speakers – The ‘Nines’ Edition 

Next up in the Legend Series range are The Nines McLaren Edition powered speakers, priced at $1,899 per pair.

From the color of the paint to the metal grilles, every finishing detail of The Nines Mclaren Edition has been designed in partnership with the F1 team. 

These powered monitors have built-in amplification delierving 240 Watts of total system power, with a 480-Watt peak.

They’re also incredibly versatile, with the ability to seamlessly connect with Bluetooth wireless, HDMI-ARC, digital optical or 3.5mm.

The One McLaren Edition

Entry into the Legend Series range starts with The One McLaren Edition wireless tabletop stereo speaker, priced at $349.

It’s made from real wood veneer painted in papaya orange and black, with tactile switches and knobs, and McLaren’s winning number five.

The 60 is a 60 watt, powered speaker with two 2.25-inch full-range drivers and a 4.5-inch woofer, with Bluetooth connectivity and a 3.5mm analog input.

At just under seven inches tall and six inches deep, this 2.1 professionally-tuned stereo system offers crystal clear acoustic performance from the table, counter or any corner.



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