Watch this shark-shaped monster truck defy the laws of gravity

We've always been told you can't defy the laws of gravity and physics. Unless you're driving the Megalodon monster truck, that is.

by | Published on 15th Mar 2023

The laws of physics don’t seem to apply to monster trucks.

This shark-shaped monster truck does a wheelie, on its front wheels, and just keeps on driving like it’s nothing.

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Monster trucks, after all, are designed exactly for this.

They’re designed for fun.

This one in particular, dubbed Megalodon, is equipped with lightweight body panels that look like they were cut from a single piece of plastic.

More to the point, it’s designed to look like a shark.

At the front, you’ve got shark eyes, a shark nose, shark teeth and no bumper.

Meanwhile at the rear, the monster truck has a shark fin and a shark tail.

The name itself is actually a tribute to an extinct species of shark, and it’s easy to see where they were going with that.

Mechanically, the Megalodon is loosely based on a pick-up truck but even its mother wouldn’t be able to recognize it.

Every component considered redudant was removed to maximise agility.

The chassis was redesigned and strenghtened.

It can take hits and just keep on going.

A custom made suspension system was added to make the truck bounce back onto its wheels, literally, if necessary.

In addition to that, the truck was given a lot more torque than the truck doctor would deem advisable.

Couple that with these ginormous, custom made wheels and it’s easy to see why – and how – the truck can do what it does.

The insane power-to-weight ratio, massive torque and massive wheels make it possible for the truck to accelerate on two wheels, or even one wheel or sideways.

At that point, the driver keeps it there by expertly fiddling with the throttle and brake pedals.

It looks like it’s about to flip but it doesn’t.

Awesome stuff.



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