Mercedes-Benz G-Class ‘Stronger Than Diamonds’ edition features real diamond door locks

  • The Mercedes-Benz G-Class ‘Stronger Than Diamonds’ edition came out in time for Valentine’s Day
  • It features real diamonds throughout
  • Only 300 are being made

Published on Mar 01, 2024 at 2:22 PM (UTC+4)
by Tom Wood

Last updated on Mar 06, 2024 at 6:32 PM (UTC+4)
Edited by Adam Gray

The Mercedes-Benz G-Class ‘Stronger Than Diamonds’ edition features real diamonds in the doors, and a heap of other impressive features.

We all know that the G-Wagen means luxury, and that you’re going to have to pay for the privilege of that luxury – and this car is no different.

It’s called the Stronger Than Diamonds edition, and it was released in time for Valentine’s Day.

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If you got one of these as a gift, consider yourself lucky – whoever gave it to you is a keeper.

Based on the G550, this limited edition G-Wagen features real diamonds in the interior, and comes in a lovely rose gold satin-finish color that was developed specifically for it.

Obviously, it looks great, offsetting those rose gold tones with black accents on the roof, on the badges, and on the wheels.

Around the door-handle buttons, that’s where the diamonds come into it.

There’s a Mercedes-Benz logo that is encrusted with diamonds, providing that special extra bit of bling, making this car different from all the rest.

Inside, the luxury continues.

There’s a full Manufaktur leather interior across the whole inside, with Rosé stitching that you can only find on this model.

The doors have stainless steel sills that bear the ‘Stronger Than Diamonds’ text, and there’s yet another logo using the same writing that comes with – you’ve guessed it – more diamonds.

What’s that you say?

More diamonds?

OK then, there are also four diamonds in the door lock pins, just for good measure.

Each of these diamonds is 0.25 carats, and will provide a lovely bit of sparkle as they catch the light in their various locations around the car.

Whilst some might worry about where these diamonds have come from, Mercedes has moved to quell that by providing each customer with proof that they are ethically sourced.

Each customer will receive a certificate from the Responsible Jewellery Council that proves their diamonds ‘originate from ethically, socially and ecologically responsible sources’.

There are only 300 of these ‘Stronger Than Diamonds’ edition G550s getting made, and they are being sold worldwide.

Along with the car, anyone buying up one of these limited editions will receive a bespoke indoor car cover, as well as a key fob with more diamonds on it, bearing the ‘Stronger Than Diamonds’ logo.

Perhaps it’s not too late to get hold of one of these, especially if you only bought a gas station card and some wilted flowers for the love of your life this past Valentine’s Day.


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