Mercedes G-Wagen goes up against Ford Bronco in furious tug of war

It was immediately clear that one of these cars didn't stand a chance.

by | Published on 7th Sep 2023

There are a number of ways to find out which car is more powerful, but few are as fun as a good old-fashioned game of tug-of-war.

The Dobre brothers are well-known for racing their personal fleet of supercars against each other.

But after Darius Dobre treated himself to a brand new Mercedes AMG G63, he wanted to put it to the test in a slightly different way.

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When he pulled up to his twin brother’s house, Darius was pretty protective of his new splurge.

“If I take this thing off-roading or we do a tug-of-war challenge or something I’ve got to keep these wheels protected,” he said.

Upon hearing these magic words, his brother Marcus immediately challenged him to a tug-of-war.

“American vs. German: Who’s tougher?” he said.

The brothers connected the cars with rope and placed their bets on which car would win.

“I do think the G-Wagen should take it, but if not I’m going to be returning it for a Bronco,” Darius said.

Both cars weigh close to 6000 lbs but the Bronco has a V4 engine while the G-Wagen has a V8.

Once the rope was tied, the guys took the challenge seriously.

When they hit the throttle it was immediately clear that one of these cars didn’t stand a chance.

The Bronco tried to edge forward but remained firmly in place.

After mere seconds, the G-Wagen pulled off effortlessly dragging the Bronco behind.

But Marcus wasn’t going to give up on his Bronco just yet, demanding a rematch in the form of a race.

If his intention for the race was to redeem his car, he would soon come to regret it.

Once again, the Bronco was left in the dust.

This time quite literally.

You can watch the vid here!

“I guess that’s what you pay for,” Marcus’s twin Lucas said.

The Mercedes G-Wagen costs around $200,000 while the Bronco costs about a quarter of that at $60,000.



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