Should Mercedes-Benz turn this crazy virtual concept into a production vehicle?

It's been designed with Riot Games for League of Legends.

by | Published on 30th Sep 2022

Feast your eyes on Mercedes-Benz’ latest concept car.

It looks incredible, but unfortunately only exists in the virtual world.

This begs a question: should the company turn this crazy idea into a production vehicle?

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This virtual show car was designed in partnership with video game developer Riot Games for the upcoming League of Legends World Championships.

The wheels are integrated into the body, as is the bubble cabin.


The rear section is slightly larger, wider and taller than the front end of the vehicle.

If we had to draw a comparison, it’d be fair to say it vaguely looks like the Vision ATVR Concept that Mercedes-Benz unveiled a couple of years ago.

Supercar Blondie’s Sergi Galiano actually had the chance to drive the Vision ATVR.

Check out the video here

Unfortunately, both the Vision ATVR and the Virtual Show Car are unlikely to make it to production.

But it gets worse because Mercedes-Benz hasn’t even built a physical version of the League of Legends’ show car.

There is some good news, though.

You can see what the car looks like when it’s moving in Lil Nas X’s latest video ‘Star Walkin‘ – which will be used as the League of Legends anthem.

Secondly, the company is working on an in-car experience inspired by the game, which will be included in the infotainment system of the upcoming Mercedes EQS and EQS SUV in November.

Video games, VR and the Metaverse are becoming a big deal for car makers.

Many brands are now devoting huge funds and a lot of time designing crazy virtual concepts for video games – especially Gran Turismo.

And sometimes, they actually end up building a real-world version, too.

Which is what McLaren did with the Solus GT.

Hopefully Mercedes will do the same with this show car, and maybe we can nudge them in the right direction.



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